Parking in Milngavie is free for 2 to 3 hours in only some car parks, with automatic fines incurred for over staying beyond the time limit.

Drivers are urged to read the parking terms and conditions and take a record of your arrival time and ensure you leave before the time limit.

Other car parks have parking meters and are on a paid basis from when you arrive.

You will need coins to pay for parking in Milngavie as the parking meters do not have the facility to accept card payments.

Parking charges are from £1 for the first 2 hours parking.

The car parks in Milngavie can be found in our directory.

For special events or on the run up to Christmas, parking charges are sometimes suspended to encourage shoppers and visitors to stay longer in Milngavie. Any parking suspensions will be announced in advance on this page.

List of Car Parks in Milngavie

Parking in Milngavie
There is a Classic Car Show in Milngavie on the last day of Milngavie Week